Testimonials Page....

Will Shriner, sez....

I had a great time being interviewed by Gary, He has a style that
pulls out all the best stuff I have to offer as a guest. 
He does his homework, which seems odd for a guy his age
to have homework, but he came in well prepared and knew
what he was talking about. Of all the interviews I have done
in my life his was the most recent.
 Best of luck with your own show! – Wil Shriner

Wink Martindale, sez....

Gary, I just wanted you to know what a ‘kick’ it was
to guest with you recently. What is impressive to me
is the prep you do for your shows.  Believe me it shows!
  For example THANKS for taking time to read my
book “Winking At Life”. Sounded like you knew more
about me than I know about me! It’s not hard to understand
why you are so popular with your listeners.
 Keep it up. Continued success my friend.
– Wink Martindale, Legendary Game Show Host, Emcee


Randy West, sez....

Gary Alan and a microphone, it’s a perfect marriage!

You sure bring out the best in your interview guests.
I enjoyed chatting with you about “Johnny Olson: A Voice in Time”
so much, that I’m back writing another book
solely for the chance to return to your show!
The grammar police should dedicate a new word just to describe you:
talkmeister! Continued success, Gary. To any authors,
I repeat what they said on “Hawaii Five-0”
-BOOK HIM! – Randy West


Bernadette Duncan Harrison, sez....

My new vocabulary word for the day is "Gary-tude".
It's the spirited and infectious positivity that busts
from Gary Alan's talk show. Along with firecracker thinking
and GREAT story-telling (sometimes told with voice impressions),
he'll hijack you into his world. Pack a snack and get ready to laugh and think.
– Bernadette Duncan Harrison, Radio & TV Producer


Rebecca Costa, sez....

Informative, clever, insightful and entertaining,this program has it all!
You sure bring out the best in your interview guests.
I enjoyed chatting.
– Rebecca Costa, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host,
Writer & President of The Costa Group.